4 fantastic bike tours

that will surprise you!

Cycling in the city has nothing to do with relaxation and recreation? If only you knew! You'll be amazed how quickly you can reach the countryside from the city centre. One minute you're in the city centre and at Europaplatz - the next you're cycling along the idyllic banks of a stream in the forest, passing picturesque manor houses, centuries-old mills and the Aachen Forest, one of the first forest areas in Germany to be given special protection as a recreational area.

We have selected four dream tours for you that are among our personal favourites. You can find these and more tours in the bike guide which you can get at the Tourist Info Elisenbrunnen, and online on Outdooractive. All tours start right in the city center next to the Tourist Info and follow the signposted junction system of the StädteRegion Aachen. So off you go: enjoy Aachen's green surroundings by bike. You will be thrilled!


Around Aachen

Cycle a cake

© Dennis Stratmann

No, the name does not mean you "have" to eat cake along the way ;-) Rather, it means that you can pick out individual "cake pieces" of the route if the entire tour is too long for you. The 50-kilometre route takes you out of the city centre and then around Aachen. However, you can return to the centre at eight different junctions before the end of the loop. So nothing stands in the way of a family tour!

You start right at the Tourist Info Elisenbrunnen and head towards Europaplatz following smaller side streets and through the city park. There, you will dive into the green oasis along the Wurm. In the wide plains of the Soers you will experience the contrast of rural life in the immediate vicinity of the city. Seffent Castle and the surrounding square farmsteads give you an idea that you are standing in front of witnesses to a history that is over 1,100 years old. After another look at the university hospital - which, by the way, has been a listed building since 2008! - you enter the Aachen forest. There you will find shade under the imposing old deciduous trees even on hot summer days. The route back to the city centre is stress-free and takes you along the Vennbahn route.

Tuscany in Marl Country

Vast landscapes, old farmland, challenging hills

© Dennis Stratmann

Here, too, you can pamper yourself with a hearty breakfast in the city centre before starting your tour at the Elisenbrunnen, right next to the Tourist Info. This time you'll head west out of the city. Pass the SuperC and the Westpark (where, by the way, there used to be a zoo with an elephant house from 1900) to the border triangle. Since this is also the highest point in the Netherlands, you can probably already guess that the way there will require a bit of energy from you - or your battery ;-).

As a reward, the sun-drenched route is followed by one far-reaching view after the next. Over the idyllic "Mergelland" with its half-timbered manors, you will pass many imposing farmsteads that have supplied the lords of the region with food for centuries.

Through the historic centres of Vetschau and Seffent, you return to Aachen's old town. If we were you, we'd get a delicious ice cream now, which we'd enjoy in the Elisengarten, and then grab a table at one of the many cafés and restaurants in the courtyard or the market. How beautiful this place is!

Heights and valleys

Industrial history and green contrasts in the north of Aachen

© Dennis Stratmann

This time you'll start in an easterly direction from the Elisenbrunnen through the Frankenberger Viertel. If you want to take some snacks with you, you'll find some super delicious bakeries and cafés here - you should definitely try them out!

Via Eilendorf you head towards Verlautenheide, where - after managing some way uphill - you will be rewarded with magnificent views. The sailplanes in the sky tell you that you are very close to Merzbrück airfield. After a short passage along the Steinbachshochwald forest, the area is barely forested and historically agricultural, with cute little villages and old square farmsteads.

Down the valley of the Wurm, you follow the naturally curving course of the stream. At that point of view from above, it really lives up to its name! Centuries ago, however, it was not only beautiful to look at, but above all useful - over 45 mills were powered by it and provided oil, flour and energy for cloth weaving and mining.

The route returns to the city via the Soers and the quarter around Pontstraße. But we also have another route in mind: after these efforts, we would head from the Lousberg towards the city park - and spend the rest of the day relaxing in the Carolus Thermen. Now that's a perfect day!

Heuvelland temptations

"Dutch Switzerland" and a "Route des Vins" - seriously?

© Dominik Ketz

How about indulging in a tour full of pleasures? We think that's a great idea ;-)

The best opening to your cycling day is a tasty breakfast or lunch. You'll find plenty of options in Aachen! Then the tour starts - you take one last pleasurable look at the most beautiful cathedral in the world, then you cycle through the Vaalserquartier into the Netherlands.

Shortly afterwards, you'll pass the largest vineyard in the Netherlands and Belgium. What's that - wine? Here? We're not kidding: The St. Martinus vineyard has been producing wine organically since 1986. A stopover with wine tasting is worthwhile, not least because of the ambience and the view!

If your stomach asks for more Limburg delicacies, there will be more than you could dream of. Or how do traditional cake, cheese, syrup and homemade ice cream sound to you? It's hard for us to choose - we'd love to try everything or take it all home. For those who love the famous (Belgian) fries, there will of course also be many temptations on the way...

On the way to the border triangle, we sometimes lose track of whether we are in the Netherlands or Belgium. What a pleasure to experience the freedoms of the Euregio up close this way! The climbs we manage on the tour make the landscapes even more beautiful and varied. For a last stretch, we go through the forest (take a deep breath: isn't the smell here just dreamy?), then we head back into the city area.

By the way, if you would like to enjoy a dip into the cool water as the ultimate finale: your tour is so close to the Hangeweiher open-air swimming pool, and the Südhalle is practically across the street.